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For years, we have provided top-quality services on all dumpster rental, trash hauling, and construction clean-up service needs in Califonia. We have the best products and best people for the job, from dumpster rental trash hauling to construction clean-up services. Our staff has vast experience in our professional field. Our employees are highly skilled and are professionally trained in clean-up service, trash hauling, and the home waste management industry. We welcome projects of all sizes and are committed to delivering the highest level of value and rental service to every customer. Our commitment to our clients has made us the preferred dumpster rental and construction clean-up service company in the business. Other companies in CA come and go, but Dump&More remains to provide quality and professional dumpster rental, trash hauling, and construction clean-up service to households and commercial properties.

Our team at Dump&More has years of experience helping our clients successfully dispose of their unwanted material on any size job. From large commercial construction sites to small home-based projects when you want to clean out the garage, Dump&More  has the perfect disposal Dumpster for your exact needs and budget.
We offer our clients their very best disposal services in the Bay Area and surrounding, and we are proud of our track record. Our years of experience have allowed us to custom tailor your service to offer a wide range of options from Dumpster size to safely disposing of your material. Our professionally trained, the hand-picked team will work with you to make your next disposal project as seamless as possible.
When it is time for your next waste removal project, contact us by phone or email, and we will work directly with you and provide you with a perfect Dump&More for your needs and budget.


Our goal is to match you with the perfect bin solution for your project.

  • Materials/Box Types

  • Heavy materials. Including dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt, sand, gravel, brick etc. can be loaded into 8, and 10 yard boxes. No heavy materials are permitted in any other size boxes. Heavy materials cannot be mixed with general debris or garbage. No heavy materials are permitted in frontload containers. 

  • General Debris Loads - C&D/Household Waste. General debris also known as construction and demolition debris, garbage, and household waste do not have box size restrictions. Do not mix C&D with Heavy Materials.

  • Greenwaste/Wood. Including wood (untreated), plants, bushes, and all greenery. No dirt or other heavy materials. Save on Clean Green & All Wood Boxes!

  • Metal. Including scrap metals and all-metal appliances only. No other materials. We will pay you for your metal!

  • Please see the Terms of Service Page for complete terms and conditions.

  • Box Sizes

  • Box Sizes - Box sizes available for order include 4, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 & 50.

  • Please click here for more info on BOX SIZES and allowable materials.

  • 8, 10 cubic yards - 12’ x 8’ x 3’

  • 10 cubic yards - 12’ x 8’ x 3’

  • 15 cubic yards - 16’ x 8’ x 3.5’

  • 20 cubic yards - 16’ x 8’ x 4.5’

  • 30 cubic yards - 18’ x 8’ x 6’

  • 40 cubic yards - 22’ x 8’ x 7’

  • 50 cubic yards - 22’ x 8’ x 8’

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